Clarksville Austin Real Estate

Clarksville in Austin, Texas is a delightful community and neighborhood.

First of all, is its location. Situated just west of Downtown Austin, Clarksville has easy access to Downtown Austin, the University of Texas at Austin and the Mo-Pac freeway.

Secondly, there’s it’s charm. Clarksville, being one of Austin’s earlier communities (there’s an interesting history to that – ask me about it), has a lot of older homes and everything is situated close together. Central Austinites tend to like cozy neighborhoods full of historical bungalows. Because of its prime Austin location, Clarksville has also seen a lot of new development – condo complexes (big and small), new homes and more than a few apartment-to-condo conversions over the years. It’s an interesting place to be!

Additionally, Clarksville has a wonderful commercial/retail street running through it. West Lynn, while small, is full of wonderful restaurants, coffee shops, a grocery store, a soda fountain (at Nau’s pharmacy) and a few stores to shop at. Most people who have the pleasure of living in Clarksville can’t bear the thought of living anywhere else.

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